Veganomicon, we love you!

Does this look gross? When we took the picture last night, all we could think was "OMG I want to eat that right now!" and now that I look at it, it's not the most appetizing picture. Please ignore that because that was some damn good food. (Also, lets ignore the glaringly obvious lack of vegetable on that plate. I need to go grocery shopping!)

This was Shae's favorite meal in weeks. He's already begged to have Chickpea Cutlets again tonight, which works out fine for me since I made a double batch last night.

If you haven't already guessed, those are the cutlets from VCON of course. And the scalloped potatoes. I was not prepared for how delicious those potatoes would be! I made a different recipe a few months ago and they were just so-so. Not terrible, but not good enough to make again. The VCON ones are instant hits that I'll be making forever, probably. So easy. So yummy. Shae actually ate all of his right away. He's been in a ridiculously picky stage lately, so this made us really really happy. Picky stages are no fun whatsoever. He ranked these potatoes as "just as good as mashed potatoes", so basically that's like they are made of pure gold. I am really loving Isa & Terry right now for creating food that pleases him, when even cookies & desserts are getting whined about.

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deirdre said...

Hi Kelly,
I have heard photo profs at Rochester Institute of Technology suggest pouring the gravy under the slab of food in order to enhance the photo. Thought it seemed a good tip. Great blog!