more summer fun!

yay! all caught up! this picture was taken yesterday at home, shae's buddy jacob was over playing. he's getting a blog too i think! go jacob!

more from our stay at the condo:

this is shae's all star team! getting ready for lots and lots of practices and 2 rounds of tournaments.

shae's cousin and favorite person, hailey, had her 4th birthday party out with us on the beach.

here's shae, birthday girl hailey & mom-mom (my mom! their grandma)

and here are the vegan cupcakes that my awesome sister made for the party!!!!!!! yep vegan cupcakes from a non-veganer. GOOD stuff! and super yummy too!

in his new all star uniform:

shae getting all serious on the field in his first county tournament. which they WON! by a landslide.

and a messy, but FUN video of one of shae's hits! it's sooooo hard to record this stuff cause we get so excited cheering for the kids.

beach & baseball

we spent the rest of may in a condo on our beach (panama city beach, oh yeah) and loved every minute of it. beach, pool, beach, pool. that is the life!

we spent alot of time while we were out there driving up home for baseball. shae finished up the regular season, his team came in FIRST PLACE! woohoo!!!!

and he was chosen for the all stars team! a huge deal!

no more pencils, no more books! no more teachers dirty looks!

haha. yep, it's summer! school let out on may 18th, so let's just pretend i posted these pictures back then.

shae had a end-of-schoolyear ice cream party! 4 of his friends rode the bus home with him. here's elijah, shae, zachary, jacob & amanda.

this was just too cute not to post. jacob, all zen-like...

and everyone enjoying their totally vegan ice cream sundaes! everyone happily downed these, with no complaints.

and all the of the supplies: yep, all vegan, folks! we aren't so weird afterall, dontcha know!

oh yes, and this is when drawing with chalk on the porch turned into making chalk-smoke under the jeep hardtop. nice.

toothless herbivore

okay, quick everyone! email herbivore and beg them to remake this sticker! we've had them on 2 of our cars for 5 or 6 years and now both of those cars are gone! i miss that sticker!

i won't mourn this sticker, cause i much prefer the newer version "veganism is for lovers"

check out toothless, here! lost his 2 front teeth in one week! the new teeth are pushing there way in by now, won't be long.