hi today im going to write about soy-milk. i did not write this weekend because i had some friends spend the night at my house.for breakfast we ate cereal drenched in silk soy-milk. they did not notice it was soy-milk,heres a pic of us eating breakfast.

all cows should be able to give their babies milk just like my mom gives my baby brother milk. why dont we all buy soy milk instead of having to milk the cows go through all that torture?imageine how scared the cows must be when there taken to the machine to be milked? i really dont get it.

above is a pic of a milk farm filled with extremely depressed cows.

if i commited my life to save any animal it would be the cow ,i want the cows to be happy like us.

peace! . think of the cow .


vegan mofo III, day 2

hi its me again. now for my next post. today im going to write about the wonderful Cafe Bamboo in New Orleans. I went there this summer when I was visiting my grandparents who live in slidell, la. We walked around the french quarter in circles, lost, for about for 4 miles but when we got there we new it was worth the walk. I ordered the red beans and rice with a side of french fries. my parents ordered the sol chicken dinner. The food was delicious. I was amazed at how fun it is to be able to choose whatever I wanted off the entire menu! I can't do that at any restaurants in my town!

above is a picture of us on our way to cafe bamboo.



Vegan MoFo III, day 1

today is the first day of Vegan MoFo,the vegan month of food.bloggers across the world are writing about vegan food every single day this month.I'm 10 years old and this is my first post.

today im going to write about if i were any food of my choice.i know CAKE!speaking of cake heres a picture of the cake i made for my mom and dads anniversary. it is delicious! my parents said it was the best cake they have ever eaten! if you want to see where the recipe came from keep reading.the chocolate cake is from la dolce vegan,my dad changed that recipe to create the vanilla cake recipe. and the peanut buttercream frosting is from isa & terry's book, vegan cupcakes take over the world. isa is my favorite cookbook author EVER!!!she knows her food!

heres a picture of my almost 1 year old brother trying to help me bake, but he wasn't really baking just throwing measuring cups at me. ha ha!
i made it entirely by my self.

back to my topic ,if i were cake i would eat myself before someone ate me because im not really sure about the sensation of being eaten. im sure all the animals agree with me! sorry folks this post is over for today, make sure to read tomorrows post. Shae out! peace to all animal lovers.