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holiday baking 2006, baby! woohoo!

We just finished our holiday baking. We made:

bluedawgs(from ppk) peanut butter bars- one of my fav things ever!
sarahs(from ppk) skor bars- such a magical combination of sweet and salty. the ultimate candy.
isas vwav pumpkin muffins
vwav chocolate chip cookies
small chocolate chip cookie cake with the extra dough
sugar cookies from a recipe posted on the ppk
vwav sparkled ginger cookies

Shae's favorite part was cutting out the sugar cookies and doing the sprinkles (all him!). He says that the cookie cake is the yummiest!

We had lots of fun and are too full from dough & batter to ever eat again. Hope everyone has lots of fun with their family & friends this season!


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