Shae doing his new favorite thing in the world- playing his Wii. he has a good system worked out with his buddies zack & elijah, whoever is waiting their turn gets the guitar. fun stuff!


ricemilk choco and bat shoes!

YuM! Terra Nostra organic Ricemilk Choco bar is sooooooo delicious! Shae got one from the easter bunny and boy am I glad he shares. Karma & Topazy wish he would share with them too, poor things. Karma attacked him begging and begging for a taste. No such luck there, kitty. The only other foods Karma swarms for are grits and potatoes- espespecially mashed, but any kind really.

plus, a bonus shot of shae's new shoes. kid's got taste. who said vegans can't find good shoes?!

Happy Easter!

shae had a fun easter! a hunt for plastic eggs & a hidden basket full of vegan goodies from the bunny... seitan kabobs, soul vegetarian macaroni & cheese, chocolate chip cookie cake with buttercream icing (frosting from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, YUM!), and Key Lime Pie at Mom-mom & Pop-Pop's house along with another plastic egg hunt in their yard. Hope everyone had a great day!

ps- if you're interested in the adorable chocolate bunny on motorcycle that shae is chowing down in the picture, you can find them here.


lots has happened with shae since the last update. first of all, he turned 8! he had a huge party full of vegan cupcakes and fear enducing reptiles.

then he received his best report card ever! 12 E's! (E= excellent, for those not in the know) previous record was 4, so this was a huge deal.

then came spring break! we hit orlando again this year, disney this time. some highlights of the week: one of the players gave shae a bat at the braves spring training game versus washington nationals! he was just beaming. one of the coaches signed it for him too. then we caught 4 balls during batting practice, a player signed one of them for him. LOTS of fun. after the game all of the kids got to run the bases in the braves footsteps. shae says he's getting ready for when he plays third base for them in a few years.

at the magic kingdom, aladdin buddied up with shae and they hung out for awhile (part of their "a million dreams" promotion). they rode the magic carpet together, chatted about baseball and whether or not that was the game where you throw monkeys and knocked down pins...then he introduced shae to the genie and jasmine as his special guest.

his favorite rides at the magic kingdom here Splash Mountain, the haunted mansion and pirates of the carribean. that night, we had the best meal of our LIVES at Boma at the animal kingdom lodge.

Disney MGM's indiana jones show was awesome! and so was their stuntshow was insanely cool.

his favorite ride out of everything was Mission:Space at Epcot,and yes we choose the more intense route... and let me tell you, i did not share his enthusiasm over this one! never felt anything like it and definitely want NOTHING to do with space in the future.

we had SUCH a blast, we can't wait to go back

oh, and baseball season has started! it's shae's 4th year and he's loving it more than ever. he's on the Sluggers this year. at last night's game shae scored a run and then hit a triple. he also managed to steal 2 bases.

one more thing! yesterday was his second grade field trip to Landmark Park in Dothan, Alabama. it's a really interesting place! learned alot about life on a farm and in a small farm town 100 years ago, went to the planatarium, met some happy farm animals that had huge amounts of land and love, and shopped in an authentic general store

whew! that's an update, alright. now let's all ignore how erratic these pictures look all over the page cause blogger and i just AREN'T getting along today. la la la! going to really, really try to keep up with this blog now. really!