...and the survey says!

Oh, yes, time to jump on the bandwagon! Finally- the survey that's been traveling around veganmofo land by Food Snobbery.

Plus a bonus picture of Shae hugging on Karma & and reading Vegan with a Vengeance. I promise we love Three & Topaz too, even though I've posted 2 pictures of just Karma in a row.

And on with the suvey...

1. Favorite non-dairy milk? Well, Silk Plain is the only kind that all 3 of us like, so that's what we buy. But I love,love,love Almond Milk.

2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to cook?

vcon macdaddy
cozy inside's tofu omelette
vcons fudgy blueberry brownies

3. Topping of choice for popcorn?
lots and lots of salt & earth balance
4. Most disastrous recipe/meal failure? a month or so, I exploded a cake in the oven. I'm still not sure how it managed to literally explode up to the top of the oven.
5. Favorite pickled item?boring old dill pickles. yum.
6. How do you organize your recipes? in a binder with plastic covers on each recipe. stole this idea from pamela!

7. Compost, trash, or garbage disposal?
Trash compactor, Garbage Disposal and trash

8. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 foods...what would they be (don't worry about how you'll cook them)?

mashed potatoes
soul veg mac & cheese

9. Fondest food memory from your childhood?
mommy's mashed potatoes and gravy!

10. Favorite vegan ice cream?
Soy Delicious! We can only get a few flavors here, but I haven't met one I didn't love. Mint chocolate chip is my dream soy ice cream. One day panama city will love me enough.

11. Most loved kitchen appliance?
Kitchenaid stand mixer

12. Spice/herb you would die without?

13. Cookbook you have owned for the longest time?
probably the sarah kramer books
14. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly? strawberry

15. Favorite vegan recipe to serve to an omni friend?
16. Seitan, tofu, or tempeh? tofu
17. Favorite meal to cook (or time of day to cook)? dinner, since that's the only time of day I really cook.
18. What is sitting on top of your refrigerator? dust, probably.

19. Name 3 items in your freezer without looking.

vwav best pumpkin muffins
tater tots (I tried to think of something less awful, but couldn't.)

20. What's on your grocery list?
Bread and coffee
21. Favorite grocery store? Publix

22. Name a recipe you'd love to veganize, but haven't yet.
Matt's mom's Tennessee Cake. I tried once, but since it's basically all non-vegan ingredients, it's hard to exactly replicate.

23. Food blog you read the most (besides Isa's because I know you check it everyday). Or maybe the top 3?

Just the Food
Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk
Cake Maker to the Stars
24. Favorite vegan candy/chocolate? Rice Milk Chocolate

25. Most extravagant food item purchased lately?
ummmmm nothing really. I'm a cheapo.

Veganomicon, we love you!

Does this look gross? When we took the picture last night, all we could think was "OMG I want to eat that right now!" and now that I look at it, it's not the most appetizing picture. Please ignore that because that was some damn good food. (Also, lets ignore the glaringly obvious lack of vegetable on that plate. I need to go grocery shopping!)

This was Shae's favorite meal in weeks. He's already begged to have Chickpea Cutlets again tonight, which works out fine for me since I made a double batch last night.

If you haven't already guessed, those are the cutlets from VCON of course. And the scalloped potatoes. I was not prepared for how delicious those potatoes would be! I made a different recipe a few months ago and they were just so-so. Not terrible, but not good enough to make again. The VCON ones are instant hits that I'll be making forever, probably. So easy. So yummy. Shae actually ate all of his right away. He's been in a ridiculously picky stage lately, so this made us really really happy. Picky stages are no fun whatsoever. He ranked these potatoes as "just as good as mashed potatoes", so basically that's like they are made of pure gold. I am really loving Isa & Terry right now for creating food that pleases him, when even cookies & desserts are getting whined about.

tis the season

She isn't really that sweet, I swear. Karma's one of those cats that you totally love, until you happen to look at her wrong and she tries to murder you. Pretty sure she is part puma. Shae can get away with whatever he wants with her though. Drags her around hugging on her, yanks her into bed with him and she just loves every second of it. Course if anyone else wiggles a toe, there will be bloodshed!

See the christmas tree behind her? We put it up the day after Thanksgiving, while Grandma Cat was still staying with us. Before she got sick, Christmas was her favorite time of year. She'd spend weeks and weeks, and then months & months working on her perfect tree and decorating her house. It was adorable. While our tree is no where near as Martha-ish as hers used to be, she still seemed to really enjoy looking at it. Staring at the lights an the angels. At one point she momentarily recognized it and said "oh, Christmas", only lucid words we heard from her this week.


smashing pumpkins!

give thanks!

Let's all pretend that I posted this on Thanksgiving! Okay? great. Now let's move on. I try to do little crafts with Shae whenever we have a chance, this banner was a last-minute idea that not only allowed him to rummage through the yard for leaves and acorns and whatnot, but it also gave me peace & quiet to cook! He was especially proud of the "S", due to all of the acorns.

Tofurkey! One of those love it or hate it foods, I think. We really, really love it. really, really. I want another now that I'm looking at this picture, actually. My favorite thing in the whole entire world is tofurkey, my mom's mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy, all on the same fork. Nothing better than that.

Green Bean Casserole! This is a recipe that Pamela gave me last year. I loved it so much, I made it a few times since then, but had to have it on Thanksgiving again. Shae wasn't into it. Probably because he saw the onions. His only request for the meal was plain peas. He ate a million of those babies.

Sweet Potato Casserole! omg, good. Even my grandfather who is terrified of my scary food loved this. Just to clarify, to him, anything not from McDonalds is scary. I try to ignore this, but sometimes I offer to break eggs on top of cupcakes to make them more palatable for him. augh. Anyway. This casserole went over really, really well. I was planning on posting the recipes, but it's super basic and I have no idea where I got it from, and also my hands already hurt from too-much typing. So take whichever one of those excuses you want. I might post it later, since my dad wants the recipe anyway. Haha, that's really cute actually. That my dad asked me for a recipe.

Bar full of food. Hopefully you guys can't see the poor, murdered carcass all the way at the other end. (how else do you think we ended up with 10 meat-eaters at our thanksgiving? they brought their stuff with them. and my mom made her magical mashed potatoes vegan, as she has for years cause she's the bestest.)

And for the desserts! Lemon Gem minicupcakes from VwaV, with Lemon Buttercream frosting from vctotw. And an apple pie, served with vanilla soy delicious. I think I ate at least four thousand of those itty bitty cupcakes. That equals 1 regular one, right??

And onto the Vegan Kid! This is how the cooking mostly went. WIth Shae dancing through the kitchen every few minutes. He gets really into it, quite entertaining actually. Spent lots of time laughing and watching him, when I should have been paying attention to the food.

And of course, playing with Pop Pop! In the background you can see more of the family hanging out with Shae's "Grandma Cat", Matt's grandmother. She was visiting it us all week, and even though she's far progressed with alzheimers and wasn't actually aware of what was going on, I think she really enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Lots more posts will magically appear soon, you'll think they are new, but they've actually been there all along. really!


dear veganmofo,
over the weekend we visited the land of meat. we ate a load of peanut butter sandwiches. shae snuck a lot of soda and somehow managed to make a "pepsi footprint" on the hotel bed. long drive home, then shae got sick and missed school yesterday. now his great-grandma is in town. we don't care about food right now. i'm sorry. be distracted by this adorable picture of shae as a new vegetarian. probably 6 months or so into it.

mother of the vegan kid.


thanksgiving lunch at school

"Those mashed potatoes with the seitan and the mushroom gravy were PERFECTO! Those kids who usually say my food is gross were admiring me today. Their food was just plain old stuff, nothing compared to mine. And it smelled bad."

Their food really did stink. Yuck.

We had the chicken seitan from Don't eat off the sidewalk, instant mashed potatoes (give me a break! it was early!), mushroom gravy, green beans, and VwaV pumpkin muffins. It was sooooo good. If I hadn't already bought a tofurkey, I'd serve this seitan instead. Thank you Katie!


Shae's favorites and least favorites, by: shae

Well, well, the vegan kid has decided to actually contribute to his blog today! He's sitting here munching on the chicken seitan from Katie's Zine, talking about how it's "sooooooooo so so so good". (it really is! yum!) I made it today, to reheat for his lunch tomorrow. His school is having their Thanksgiving Dinner, you know the mushy cafeteria version of dead bird- so he'll be rockin' the seitan. Last year his class learned all about Tofurkey when he brought that. I also made some of Isa's Best Pumpkin Muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance for dessert.

Anyway, back to Shae. He wants to list his favorite foods, or as he said "other foods that are extraordinary!". I'm his typist.

1. watermelon
2. chocolate cake
3. seitan
4. Soul Veg Mac & Cheese
5. lasagna ("just the kind of isa's tofu in it")
6. peanut butter sandwiches
7. tofurkey
8. stirfry
9. peas
10. chips
11. FruitaBu
12. tings ("that should go up WAY FURTHER!")
13. mashed potatoes
14. smores
15. cheeseburgers (boca, with tofutti cheese)
16. noodles
17. Barbara's Snackimals, chocolate chip flavor
18. cheese grits ("that goes with with watermelon!" as it should. he eats them nearly every single morning!)
19. applesauce
20. pizza
21. spaghetti with cheese
22. stroganoff
23. cupcakes ("any flavor")
24. chili
25. soy dogs
26. popsicles
27. chocolate soy ice cream
28. mushrooms
29. apples ("especially Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious")
30. cashews
31. peanut butter bars
32. rice krispie treats
33. pumpkin muffins
34. popcorn
35. creamed corn
36. corn on the cob
37. green beans
38. black beans & yellow rice
39. back bean dip
40. pears
41. peaches
42. peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (from soy, not oi!)
43. seasoned almonds
44. apple chips
45. pineapple
46. Panda Puffs Cereal
47. dill pickles
48. HUMMUS AND PITA (I was told to do that in capital letters.)
49. Pretzels
50. smores (after telling him he already wrote that, he said "I really like them!"
51. hot cocoa
52. dark chocolate dreams peanut butter
53. mushroom gravy
54. french fries
55. kidney beans
56. baked beans
and he quits! That was all just streaming out of his mouth, I could barely keep up to type it all. Ya think he likes food?!?!

And things he "despises":
1. onions
2. hot tamales
3. atomic fire balls
4. hot sauce
5. bell peppers
6. brussel sprouts
7. raisins
8. oatmeal
9. salsa

...and that's it. The garlic part amuses me the most since its in nearly every single thing I make. And he knows this! When he was little, he caught us putting garlic in the spaghetti sauce and we told him it would make it taste like "chocolate" and then for about a year after that he begged us to put the chocolate in the spaghetti. Good times.

Oh, the gift that just keeps giving. He's reading this over my shoulder, out loud, but quietly. He catches up to me, turns to me and said "That really happened, didn't it?" I told him yes, and he groaned loudly and threw himself on the floor laughing.


burgers & smores

Sorry bout that, VeganMoFo. I've been sick all weekend, cold turned sinus infection, loads of fun. Boys have been fending for themselves. Basically I can sum the entire 3 day weekend up like this: "Dad! Let's play baseball! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger? Dad, let's play football! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger? Dad, let's skateboard! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger? Dad, let's ride bikes! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger?" and so on and on and on. I have no idea what made him suddenly addicted to his wheat bread, veganaise, ketchup, boca burger, tofutti soycheese burgers, but whoa was he loving them.

And then last night, Matt came up with the best idea. ever. Smores using Dark Chocolate Dreams. Forking amazing.

I think that smores picture makes up for skipping all those posts. Tasted even better than is looks. mmmmmmmmmm.


chili & cornbread!

Yep, that's chili in his teeth! We've been waiting for cold weather to have some chili and I'm glad we waited until veganomicon was here. We all looooovveeeeee the vcon cornbread. Matt says it tastes just like his mom used to make (and she's just about as down home southern as you can possibly get. The chili is just a souped up version of my moms chili, basic and delicious. 'Course we had to make it in two separate pots- Shaes and Ours. Shae's is tailor-made to his little palate. "no onions, no peppers, no seasoning AT ALL". He loved his bean/tvp/mushroom combo though. This is the first time he's eaten & loved chili. It's one of those foods he's always hated, I did too as a kid. I figure it's better to cater to his tastes than to just let him hate such a wonderful food. Scroll down and drool over that amazing cornbread.

grocery experiment, tofu scramble, chickpea casserole,

Wow, my internet service provider hates me. I tried to post this dinner twice last night and both times my internet cut out before I had it saved. So, here I am a day late, per usual, posting about yesterdays food as I cook tonights. Okay! A few days ago, Joni at Just the Food blogged about The Great Grocery Experiment of 2007 and I thought it was genius! So, what did I do? Went to the store to stock up on bread & soymilk because we would be reduced to tears without them. I'd hate to even imagine Shae's reaction to a day without a peanut butter sandwich! I always try to switch it for something more interesting, but then he'll say "Instead of the snack can I have a PB sandwich?". I've given up. He might turn into a big pile of wheat bread and peanut butter one day. I'm okay with that. Anyway, soymilk and bread. I can't believe I'm doing this, but this is the contents of our pantry & fridge. Yep, that's a huge walk-in pantry, except you can't even see the floor due to the massive amounts of food. Ack!

I know you are all jealous of the case of Tings! Shae is inhaling them. Okay, I am too. Whatever. And I'm pretty embarrassed to be showing off our worst vice- bottled water. I know, I know. It's awful and wasteful and I feel like such a shit for using it. Our well water is brownish and tastes disgusting, so it is not drinkable. We've tried MANY different types of filters with no luck. We really should at least buy big containers instead of the little ones, but we don't. I do not endorse bottled water drinking! Do as I say, kids, not as I do!

And onto the food! First we have my breakfast yesterday: a simple tofu scramble with spinach. This is the closest thing I've tasted to egg, it was crazy! I'm not even sure how. It was really basic. garlic, tumeric, cumin, oregano? I don't even remember what else. Had lots and lots of spinach in it too which was soooooooo good. Had the leftovers for breakfast this morning too.

A funny thing with Shae and tofu scramble. He thinks he hates them, but he really doesn't! He had some once and didn't like it. Another time (nearly the same scramble! from Vegan with a Vengeance), I told it was a "Tofu Stirfry" and magically he loved it. I'm so amused by little things like that. I don't believe in hiding stuff in kids foods or tricking them into eating stuff, because I think you are doing them a HUGE disservice in the process, but I am really fascinated by the power of suggestion and word. Shae's a smart guy, you can't get a lot past him in other ways. But poof! A scramble is a stirfry and all is right with the world. (and oh crap. he's about to read this and the jig will be UP!)

Erm, next up was last night's dinner. We had a bunch of broccoli that we needed to use, so of courrssseee that means VWaV's Chickpea Broccoli Casserole. Left out the onions to please the boy. Also, made the Cheesy Sauce from Veganomicon...ohhhh boy am I going to be making that often. So good. So versatile. whoa. We all loved it so much. Thank you Isa & Terry! <3 <3 <3

We're so not making that again without adding the cheesy sauce. Made it magical!


scandal rocks the vegan world.

Veganism is all all peace and love, right? Oh, how I wish. You've all seen the drama surrounding the veganyumyum book-that-isn't. I just wanted to weigh in and send some love to the herbivore duo. This whole event is just confirming how great Josh & Michelle are. They're really coping with a huge knife-in-the-back & public endangerment of their business with nothing but class. Herbivore, I salute you!

Now, let's all go show our love with the almighty dollar! Shouldn't be hard, they get lots of my dollars as it is. If I could buy one of everything, I would. Oh, and while you're there, preorder Joanna's book- Yellow Rose Recipes. Joanna is one of my favorite Vegans, and I'm just dying waiting for her book to be in my little hands.


good ole salad!

I'm a salad-obsessed vegan, Twigs and berries all the way! Okay, not really twigs. Actually it's spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, walnuts & poppyseed dressing. sooooooooooooooo yummy. I could eat it all day long. I do sometimes, actually. One of the reasons being vegan has always been so simple for me. As long as I have produce, I am happy!

P.S. I've been a day behind on VeganMoFo since I started and this wimpy post is my way of settling up! Take that, mofo!

"corn dogs are dead in my life"

Um. Shae drew this last night. Laughing and laughing the entire time. I'm not exactly sure what's up because he hasn't mentioned corn dogs. ever. I don't think he's ever had one in his life. He became vegetarian at about 2 1/2... and I didn't let him eat hot dogs anyway (choking hazard!).

I guess I need to figure out how to make vegan corn dogs?


Isa does it again!

mmmmmmmm lasagna! Probably my favorite food ever.

My grandma used to invite us over for lasagna every once in a while. At the time, I remember griping about it and scraping every last bit of the offensive "brain cheese" and meat off of the noodles. Ick. But at some point, she stopped making it and we started. My mom would make the Grandma version, sans the ricotta since everyone one of us hated it, and I'd make a vegan version. It was a really basic lasagna, jar sauce, meat, cheese, ricotta. Our vegan version uses boca crumbles, soy cheese, and a tofu ricotta that a friend taught me years ago. Shae always picked out every last bit of it!He loves the lasagna. Begs for it! Praises it! But would go to great lengths not to let a droplet of that tofu ricotta touch his little tounge.

Well tonight, I used Isa's Tofu Ricotta recipe fromVegan With a Vengeance and Shae inhaled it! He was eating it raw while I was cooking. Actually sought out the ricotta instead of banishing it to the side of his plate. I'm still a little shocked. And full. Really, really full.

And yes, this was another food post brought to you by the motivation of VeganMoFo.

R-A-T-A-T-O-U-I-L-L-E (november 4th)


omg. seriously. how many times can you listen to that word being spelled out before caving in and making it? Shae learned how to spell ratatouille and was incredibly proud of himself. noisily. over and over. So I told him to search through the cookbooks and find me a recipe. He discovered a Chickpea Ratatouille recipe in Vive Le Vegan! and we got to it. even better, he loovveeeess chickpeas. I honestly had no idea what ratatouille even was, but it was super simple to make so I'm all about that. Shae liked it, minus the "gross" tomatoes, which "should NEVER be cooked", that is. Matt and I thought it was good, but very unimpressive. Eh, whatever. We ate it served over brown rice with broccoli on the side.


Hey there, VeganMoFo. You know how everytime you see a blog about vegan food, it's the most magical, gorgeous, complicated meal you've ever seen? I should have already warned you that this blog was not going to be like that AT ALL. I love to bake. But cooking. Well, cooking takes too much energy for me on a regular basis. Like tonight, we got home kind of late, were all super hungry. We had ate a late breakfast and skipped lunch. And I'm tired and just want to eat! Right now! So I did one of our favorite mega-fast, mega-filling meals, Yellow Rice & Black Beans. The rice is Mahatma's and the beans are from a can. We put some tofutti mozzarella in it, eat it with blue corn chips. Gorge ourselves. Steamed veggies on the side.

I asked Shae what he thought of it (he was too busy playing with his dad to help cook)and he said "Mom! I ate ALL OF IT!!". And back to his football game he went.

Vegans can be lazy, without being junkfood addicts.