Happy Halloween!

okay, we have chickpea cutlets(vcon) and potato squashers(EDBV) in the oven, Shae is entranced in pokemon world(on his DS), so I'm going to continue with my quest of getting up-to-date with new pictures on here.

Next up, cupcakes! Vegan cupcakes, once again, took over Shae's classroom. First time for third grade and whooooaaa did they go over well! His pregnant teacher ate 3 of them, then begged me to be the official cupcake maker for all class events. Another teacher begged for the recipes, even though they know we are vegan. Hell yeah. I usually always use recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World for all my cakey needs, but this time I only used it for the frosting. Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting, worth the price of the book alone. I'm so not kidding. For the cupcakes, I usedLa Dolce Vegan- Tara's Chocolate Cake. In our house, we refer to it as "Matt's cake" because there was one of Shae's birthdays, long ago, where I tried like 3 different cake recipes and they all flopped and looked horrible and I flipped out, until Matt saved the day. Grabbed a random recipe and magically turned out the best cake ever (it's just a wacky cake! agh!). So my whole family requests "Matt's Cake" from time to time, mostly just to torment me I think. It really is good, moist cake though. Anyway, then we dressed them up all gross-like to please the little 8 year olds.

and on a totally unrelated note, yet on the same camera card--- this is our little buddy, Eli, modeling one of my vegan knit hats. isn't he adorable?!

Back to Halloween! This is the first year that Shae has carved his own pumpkin! Dad helped him pick out a stencil and set it up and Shae concentrated soooooo hard.

Cute, right?

And of course, Dad did one too. I choose the owl, that was my huge contribution! Matt does some awesome pumpkins every year.

And what to Vegan Ninja's do? They use their stealth weaponry on.... pumpkins. oh yeah.

Also, they attack the Devil! She who holds the UnVegan Candy, beware!

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Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Those cupcakes ROCK! Shae is a master pumpkin carver, I'm impressed!