burgers & smores

Sorry bout that, VeganMoFo. I've been sick all weekend, cold turned sinus infection, loads of fun. Boys have been fending for themselves. Basically I can sum the entire 3 day weekend up like this: "Dad! Let's play baseball! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger? Dad, let's play football! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger? Dad, let's skateboard! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger? Dad, let's ride bikes! I'm hungry, can I have a cheeseburger?" and so on and on and on. I have no idea what made him suddenly addicted to his wheat bread, veganaise, ketchup, boca burger, tofutti soycheese burgers, but whoa was he loving them.

And then last night, Matt came up with the best idea. ever. Smores using Dark Chocolate Dreams. Forking amazing.

I think that smores picture makes up for skipping all those posts. Tasted even better than is looks. mmmmmmmmmm.


Kittee said...

1. Shae is cute.
2. Matt is CUTE.
3. Smores look good.

I think I'm really lucky that I can't get that chocolate peanut butter spread over here. Good God.


Happy Herbivore said...

I am drooling all over the floor! must have smores.....

Lindsay a.k.a. Happy Herbivore

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh dear me, I'm dying for smores now! What marshmallow do you use?

kelly said...

melisser- we used the vegan sweets marshmallows, sooooooo good! they melted almost too well.