mothers day, over the years

happy mothers day, to me!

see my little garden of mothers day love? every year shae's classes have made a flower for mothers day gifts. the first year- kindergarten, he loved the idea so much, he convinced his daddy to take him to the craft store to make something for mommy- acted as if the idea was totally his own because he wanted to make another one HIS way, apparently he wasn't able to use up all his creative energy on the school project! the flower all the way on the left with the cutesy polka dots & his picture is the one he made in his kindergarten class. the striped pot next to it was the one he made at home with daddy. he choose 8 different wooden pictures of things i like to glue around the pot, filled it with pretty stones and used a textured material for the stem. the red flower in the teeny pot is from his first grade class & it's a pen, so cute! this years addition is the sweet little pink flower, also a pen. i love that they used mostly recycled materials this year! they have been learning about the environment & conservation. and that toothless little boy? all mine. lost his third tooth a few nights ago and is working up the nerve to pop out the other front tooth, it's hanging from a thread! the new tooth is peeking through, all ready to fill the gap.


secret cookies, pets, grandmas, books, and play clay!

baking secret cookies for a ppk swap!

they're in the mail and hopefully close to the recipient- soooo these are (half of the cookies sent) peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies from soy, not oi! we really, really love these. they make HUGE batches though. about 4 dozen. mailed some, froze some, ate forty billion and still more cookies!

and speaking of cookies! long ago(about 5 years ago), in a care package swap on the old vmb (r.i.p!), my partner included a book for shae that became one of his favorites.
Mmm, cookies! by Robert Munsch
it's a super-silly book full of onomatopoeias that kids LOVE, it's just the best family bedtime story. this storybook inspired shae to make some play clay over the weekend. all by himself, of course! you start off with salt & water in a pot on the stove and stir & stir. then you take the pot off the stove, add cornstarch & cold water and stir & stir. a few drops of food coloring and OH YES! more stirring! finally it thickens up and cools down. then the kneading. the fun part!

whatever you do, don't eat it! BLELCH! PLAY CLAY!

wet doggy! three smells soooooo much better now.

karma loves water. can you tell? LOVES it.

grandma cat is visiting! we all missed her after not seeing her a few months. shae loves to cuddle up with her and watch animal planet.

awww puppy hugs! shae's cousin hailey -one of his favorite people in the world- hugging on his doggy three. hailey's not vegan, but she's been known to beg her mommy for "kelly's tofu" and she loves to eat and do anything shae loves. tings are her favorite snacks. hailey is turning 4 this month!