We're baaaaaaaack!

Back to our roots!  We're reviving the Vegan Kid Blog after a long time away.  Shae wasn't interested in blogging any longer, Silas was too young to care, and I wanted to do something different for awhile, so I switched over to PB & Kelly for a couple of Vegan MoFo's but I can't kid myself, Vegan Kids are my life so this is where I should be!

To catch you up:  We still live in the rural area north of Panama City, Florida.  Not a vegan mecca, but we do just fine here.  Shae is 14 now, entering high school in an Advanced Studies Program, still playing soccer like it's his job (he wishes!), was his middle school Vice President 2 years in a row, long boards,  still loves to cook, and is an amazing big brother.  Silas is 4 (5 in October!), he's the happiest, silliest, sweetest little boy ever.  He starts pre-k this fall and is thrilled about it.  He's in his 3rd year of Speech and Occupational Therapies for a speech delay and sensory issues.  He's worked super hard to become the chatty, hilarious guy that he is.   I sell buttons and cross stitched hoop art at teeny tiny tantrums and keep the family going while my husband works.  We are all still vegan (always!  forever!).  We have lost some of our furry friends recently and are down to just our  crazy kitty Zoila and sometimes our feral kitty friend Indiana comes to visit us. 

My newest project is a Vegan Kid Zine!  I've always wished someone would make one and after reading Joanna Vaught's blogpost, I decided I should just make my own.  Why not?  I'm in the early stages now, but am hoping to have it up for sale by the end of summer. 

I think you're pretty caught up!  I'll be back regularly to fill you in on the crazy lives of my Vegan Kids.