Shae's been quite the little cook these days, helping with every meal and begging to prepare his own little creations. This is his Magical Macaronicheesesoydogpea Surprise! (left over pasta, with strips of tofutti american soycheese, cut up smart dog soy hotdogs & peas)

And modeling his new & favorite hat. (my first striped creation)


Holiday Baking :)

We did our holiday baking on Wednesday. Shae loovveess being in the kitchen. He's big enough to do alot now, so we had a great time. Shae did all the measuring, pouring, cookie-cutting & decorating. I was merely his assistant ;) Above are pictures of our gingerbread men, pumpkin bread & sugar cookies. (all vegan of course)

Shae's wearing an awesome beanie that our friend Pamela made for him. Check her stuff out here: Sneaky Scarves


vegan beanie

Shae's modeling his new vegan beanie, my first attempt at handmade headwear, thanks to the awesome Pamela for teaching me :)


Shae did bellringing with his grandpa for Salvation Army tonight :) He's been asking to "do something for my community" since starting cub scouts... and has been crazy-excited about collecting donations ever since the opportunity arose. He donated $5 of his own money, all his idea :) And gave away his candy canes to kids who donated. He's so incredibly proud of himself, I love it :)


Cookie pops!

Shae has his Christmas Party at school tomorrow, then he's off till after new years for winter break! We made yummy cookie pops by dipping oreos in melted chocolate (yep- Oreos are vegan now!). In the past, I've used Back to Nature original creme sandwiches, but alas, our grocery store was out of them, so we went the Junk route.

We made these last year for his kindergarten class, and whoooaaa were they a huge hit! We decorated those with red & green icing like snowflakes and christmas trees, but this year for opted for tree sprinkles, which shae loves doing.

We live in a majorly rural area- and shae's school is packed with rednecks- yet his veganism isn't an issue at all for him. I like to think that my bringing in the "good" treats has made the the vegan kid just another kid...


lunch today:
mashed chickpea salad on whole wheat
pineapple slices
clementine segments
chocolate chip cookie


lunch today:

No pretty pictures today ala the beloved vegan lunchbox, but Shae wanted to share what he had for lunch today:

Alphabet pasta & chreese (Roads End Cheddar), w/peas
a clementine
cucumber slices


This Vegan Kid is fascinated by another vegan kid (or his lunchbox...ha) and decided he needed his own little space on the web to share his various adventures... stay tuned.