Isa does it again!

mmmmmmmm lasagna! Probably my favorite food ever.

My grandma used to invite us over for lasagna every once in a while. At the time, I remember griping about it and scraping every last bit of the offensive "brain cheese" and meat off of the noodles. Ick. But at some point, she stopped making it and we started. My mom would make the Grandma version, sans the ricotta since everyone one of us hated it, and I'd make a vegan version. It was a really basic lasagna, jar sauce, meat, cheese, ricotta. Our vegan version uses boca crumbles, soy cheese, and a tofu ricotta that a friend taught me years ago. Shae always picked out every last bit of it!He loves the lasagna. Begs for it! Praises it! But would go to great lengths not to let a droplet of that tofu ricotta touch his little tounge.

Well tonight, I used Isa's Tofu Ricotta recipe fromVegan With a Vengeance and Shae inhaled it! He was eating it raw while I was cooking. Actually sought out the ricotta instead of banishing it to the side of his plate. I'm still a little shocked. And full. Really, really full.

And yes, this was another food post brought to you by the motivation of VeganMoFo.


Kittee said...

i love lasagne too, but i hardly ever make it. usually i go the stuffed shell route, for whatever reason. do you think shae was into it, because the recipe is so good, or because his tastes are changing?


b36Kitchen said...

I hated lasagna until I became a vegan and discovered tofu ricotta. Its soooo delicious!.

Vegan Kid said...

kittee- i think it's because he saw me put the nooch in it. that kid lovesssss the nooch! and he saw isa's book on the counter. it's pretty amusing how obsessed he is with her.