tis the season

She isn't really that sweet, I swear. Karma's one of those cats that you totally love, until you happen to look at her wrong and she tries to murder you. Pretty sure she is part puma. Shae can get away with whatever he wants with her though. Drags her around hugging on her, yanks her into bed with him and she just loves every second of it. Course if anyone else wiggles a toe, there will be bloodshed!

See the christmas tree behind her? We put it up the day after Thanksgiving, while Grandma Cat was still staying with us. Before she got sick, Christmas was her favorite time of year. She'd spend weeks and weeks, and then months & months working on her perfect tree and decorating her house. It was adorable. While our tree is no where near as Martha-ish as hers used to be, she still seemed to really enjoy looking at it. Staring at the lights an the angels. At one point she momentarily recognized it and said "oh, Christmas", only lucid words we heard from her this week.

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