Shae's favorites and least favorites, by: shae

Well, well, the vegan kid has decided to actually contribute to his blog today! He's sitting here munching on the chicken seitan from Katie's Zine, talking about how it's "sooooooooo so so so good". (it really is! yum!) I made it today, to reheat for his lunch tomorrow. His school is having their Thanksgiving Dinner, you know the mushy cafeteria version of dead bird- so he'll be rockin' the seitan. Last year his class learned all about Tofurkey when he brought that. I also made some of Isa's Best Pumpkin Muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance for dessert.

Anyway, back to Shae. He wants to list his favorite foods, or as he said "other foods that are extraordinary!". I'm his typist.

1. watermelon
2. chocolate cake
3. seitan
4. Soul Veg Mac & Cheese
5. lasagna ("just the kind of isa's tofu in it")
6. peanut butter sandwiches
7. tofurkey
8. stirfry
9. peas
10. chips
11. FruitaBu
12. tings ("that should go up WAY FURTHER!")
13. mashed potatoes
14. smores
15. cheeseburgers (boca, with tofutti cheese)
16. noodles
17. Barbara's Snackimals, chocolate chip flavor
18. cheese grits ("that goes with with watermelon!" as it should. he eats them nearly every single morning!)
19. applesauce
20. pizza
21. spaghetti with cheese
22. stroganoff
23. cupcakes ("any flavor")
24. chili
25. soy dogs
26. popsicles
27. chocolate soy ice cream
28. mushrooms
29. apples ("especially Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious")
30. cashews
31. peanut butter bars
32. rice krispie treats
33. pumpkin muffins
34. popcorn
35. creamed corn
36. corn on the cob
37. green beans
38. black beans & yellow rice
39. back bean dip
40. pears
41. peaches
42. peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (from soy, not oi!)
43. seasoned almonds
44. apple chips
45. pineapple
46. Panda Puffs Cereal
47. dill pickles
48. HUMMUS AND PITA (I was told to do that in capital letters.)
49. Pretzels
50. smores (after telling him he already wrote that, he said "I really like them!"
51. hot cocoa
52. dark chocolate dreams peanut butter
53. mushroom gravy
54. french fries
55. kidney beans
56. baked beans
and he quits! That was all just streaming out of his mouth, I could barely keep up to type it all. Ya think he likes food?!?!

And things he "despises":
1. onions
2. hot tamales
3. atomic fire balls
4. hot sauce
5. bell peppers
6. brussel sprouts
7. raisins
8. oatmeal
9. salsa

...and that's it. The garlic part amuses me the most since its in nearly every single thing I make. And he knows this! When he was little, he caught us putting garlic in the spaghetti sauce and we told him it would make it taste like "chocolate" and then for about a year after that he begged us to put the chocolate in the spaghetti. Good times.

Oh, the gift that just keeps giving. He's reading this over my shoulder, out loud, but quietly. He catches up to me, turns to me and said "That really happened, didn't it?" I told him yes, and he groaned loudly and threw himself on the floor laughing.


Isa said...

Yes to grits and no to oatmeal? He is a genius.

VeganMomma said...

I hope my son (age 2) loves variety as much as your son does when he gets older!