chili & cornbread!

Yep, that's chili in his teeth! We've been waiting for cold weather to have some chili and I'm glad we waited until veganomicon was here. We all looooovveeeeee the vcon cornbread. Matt says it tastes just like his mom used to make (and she's just about as down home southern as you can possibly get. The chili is just a souped up version of my moms chili, basic and delicious. 'Course we had to make it in two separate pots- Shaes and Ours. Shae's is tailor-made to his little palate. "no onions, no peppers, no seasoning AT ALL". He loved his bean/tvp/mushroom combo though. This is the first time he's eaten & loved chili. It's one of those foods he's always hated, I did too as a kid. I figure it's better to cater to his tastes than to just let him hate such a wonderful food. Scroll down and drool over that amazing cornbread.

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