give thanks!

Let's all pretend that I posted this on Thanksgiving! Okay? great. Now let's move on. I try to do little crafts with Shae whenever we have a chance, this banner was a last-minute idea that not only allowed him to rummage through the yard for leaves and acorns and whatnot, but it also gave me peace & quiet to cook! He was especially proud of the "S", due to all of the acorns.

Tofurkey! One of those love it or hate it foods, I think. We really, really love it. really, really. I want another now that I'm looking at this picture, actually. My favorite thing in the whole entire world is tofurkey, my mom's mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy, all on the same fork. Nothing better than that.

Green Bean Casserole! This is a recipe that Pamela gave me last year. I loved it so much, I made it a few times since then, but had to have it on Thanksgiving again. Shae wasn't into it. Probably because he saw the onions. His only request for the meal was plain peas. He ate a million of those babies.

Sweet Potato Casserole! omg, good. Even my grandfather who is terrified of my scary food loved this. Just to clarify, to him, anything not from McDonalds is scary. I try to ignore this, but sometimes I offer to break eggs on top of cupcakes to make them more palatable for him. augh. Anyway. This casserole went over really, really well. I was planning on posting the recipes, but it's super basic and I have no idea where I got it from, and also my hands already hurt from too-much typing. So take whichever one of those excuses you want. I might post it later, since my dad wants the recipe anyway. Haha, that's really cute actually. That my dad asked me for a recipe.

Bar full of food. Hopefully you guys can't see the poor, murdered carcass all the way at the other end. (how else do you think we ended up with 10 meat-eaters at our thanksgiving? they brought their stuff with them. and my mom made her magical mashed potatoes vegan, as she has for years cause she's the bestest.)

And for the desserts! Lemon Gem minicupcakes from VwaV, with Lemon Buttercream frosting from vctotw. And an apple pie, served with vanilla soy delicious. I think I ate at least four thousand of those itty bitty cupcakes. That equals 1 regular one, right??

And onto the Vegan Kid! This is how the cooking mostly went. WIth Shae dancing through the kitchen every few minutes. He gets really into it, quite entertaining actually. Spent lots of time laughing and watching him, when I should have been paying attention to the food.

And of course, playing with Pop Pop! In the background you can see more of the family hanging out with Shae's "Grandma Cat", Matt's grandmother. She was visiting it us all week, and even though she's far progressed with alzheimers and wasn't actually aware of what was going on, I think she really enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Lots more posts will magically appear soon, you'll think they are new, but they've actually been there all along. really!


Eve Love said...

wow. your kitchen is so nice!

jennguin said...

i was about to say the same thing -- i love your kitchen!

i also love when moms turn mashed potatoes vegan for their daughters. that was my "what are you thankful for"... along with the pumpkin pie she made me.