Soooooo tonight we made the infamous Veganomicon Chickpea Cutlets and let's just say that I could have eaten that entire recipe myself, they were so good. Shae flipped for them! He made the Potato Squashers from Eat Drink & Be Vegan, by himself. Got to use a knife and everything. Happy kid. Those were awesome too. I have no idea why they were so much better than regular baked potatoes, but that bit of olive oil really kept us from getting the Earth Balance out and drowning them like we usually would. And those crispy skins... yuuuummmmm. Also, who knew that preheating the oven was the most exciting thing ever?!?!? (according to Shae it is.)

Shae's commentary on dinner- "This dinner was as great as WATERMELON! P.S. I love watermelon." Um, yeah. That's quite a compliment there. You know how kids always bug for junkfood in the store? Since Shae was old enough to talk, he's begged, at every shopping trip, for watermelon. He's gotten much smarter and now knows that politely asking and reminding me of watermelon's healthiness is the surefire way to getting his way.

So since I'm paranoid, Shae still thinks using a butter knife is a privilege. But thanks to Hung and Top Chef, he's been wanting to use "real knives! real BIG knives!". ack. I gave in and let him pierce the potatoes with a steak knife. Still has 10 fingers!

And then his yummy potato goodness-

I forgot to take a picture after we put the mushroom gravy on, because these cutlets smelled soooo good and we were starving. But believe me, we will be making many, many more of these. Like, maybe even today already. So unbelievably good. Isa & Terry have replaced our dependence on storebought faux chicken patties. Especially since they were so incredibly easy (and cheap!) to make. Yay VCon!

And of course, an action shot. He inhaled a cutlet & a potato and then went back for seconds. of both. and actually ate every single bit of it. That's too be expected with anything potato, but is a huge compliment towards the cutlets.


jonimarie said...

I love how shae looks like he's being so very careful with that knife!

Vegan Kid said...

oh, he totally was. i'm pretty sure he expected to cut himself. it took him like 10 minutes to pierce those potatoes!

ps! i got your book yesterday, joni, and it's just so pretty and colorful, i can't wait to make some of your food!


Jill said...

I think I've found my new dinner compliment catch phrase (my cat and I are both obsessed with watermelon)! And those potato squashers look good. I need to try them.