scandal rocks the vegan world.

Veganism is all all peace and love, right? Oh, how I wish. You've all seen the drama surrounding the veganyumyum book-that-isn't. I just wanted to weigh in and send some love to the herbivore duo. This whole event is just confirming how great Josh & Michelle are. They're really coping with a huge knife-in-the-back & public endangerment of their business with nothing but class. Herbivore, I salute you!

Now, let's all go show our love with the almighty dollar! Shouldn't be hard, they get lots of my dollars as it is. If I could buy one of everything, I would. Oh, and while you're there, preorder Joanna's book- Yellow Rose Recipes. Joanna is one of my favorite Vegans, and I'm just dying waiting for her book to be in my little hands.

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