Hey there, VeganMoFo. You know how everytime you see a blog about vegan food, it's the most magical, gorgeous, complicated meal you've ever seen? I should have already warned you that this blog was not going to be like that AT ALL. I love to bake. But cooking. Well, cooking takes too much energy for me on a regular basis. Like tonight, we got home kind of late, were all super hungry. We had ate a late breakfast and skipped lunch. And I'm tired and just want to eat! Right now! So I did one of our favorite mega-fast, mega-filling meals, Yellow Rice & Black Beans. The rice is Mahatma's and the beans are from a can. We put some tofutti mozzarella in it, eat it with blue corn chips. Gorge ourselves. Steamed veggies on the side.

I asked Shae what he thought of it (he was too busy playing with his dad to help cook)and he said "Mom! I ate ALL OF IT!!". And back to his football game he went.

Vegans can be lazy, without being junkfood addicts.

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Corrie said...

It looks delicious!