more from our stay at the condo:

this is shae's all star team! getting ready for lots and lots of practices and 2 rounds of tournaments.

shae's cousin and favorite person, hailey, had her 4th birthday party out with us on the beach.

here's shae, birthday girl hailey & mom-mom (my mom! their grandma)

and here are the vegan cupcakes that my awesome sister made for the party!!!!!!! yep vegan cupcakes from a non-veganer. GOOD stuff! and super yummy too!

in his new all star uniform:

shae getting all serious on the field in his first county tournament. which they WON! by a landslide.

and a messy, but FUN video of one of shae's hits! it's sooooo hard to record this stuff cause we get so excited cheering for the kids.


Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

WOW! I just discovered your blog and LOVE it!!

(And read parts to my "7-year-old-almost-vegan" and SHE loved it too!!)

We'll be back!

Anonymous said...
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