more summer fun!

yay! all caught up! this picture was taken yesterday at home, shae's buddy jacob was over playing. he's getting a blog too i think! go jacob!


KleoPatra said...

Aw, cuties! Keep up the great vegan work! YAY!!

Honey said...

Hi Shae! My name is Rhea & I'm a 6yr old vegan girl in Ohio. My brother is 8 & is vegan too. My mom & dad are vegan also & my mom is pregnant with my new vegan brother or sister.

I like your site & we like to make cupcakes & cook too. A great cookbook is How it all vegan & I think it's called Vegan Vittles...they have stuff in there that my mom was made to eat as a kid (she was vegetarian & grew up on a farm).

My brother & I are also unschooled...we get to learn how we want & what we want.

I play soccer, my brother is going to play football and my mom helps ladies who are having babies at home & in the hospital. My dad works alot to get money.

We're the best family ever! You can email me through my moms email... HoneyNBenNKid AT Gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shae I was going to invite you over today but you were not home. Z&E came over and played WII. PS. I got Wiifi. YEA!!! Jacob.