Vegan MoFo Day 25: We heart Gardein!

John over at Laziest Vegans blogged about his love of Gardein's Turkey Cutlets today and I could not agree more.  DAT GRAVY.   I would like to drink it by the bucketful, please. 

Silas loves them but only if we all agree to call it "Tofu Cutlet".  He's been on a kick lately where he doesn't want anyone even pretending they are eating animals.  It's... getting interesting.  Especially so when a cashier told us today that she felt like a "chicken with it's head cut off today" and then proceeded to explain exactly how they act when their head is chopped of.  Silas jumped behind me and gasped.  I interrupted her to ask if she saw how scared he was and if she could please stop.  I can't even, you guys. 

So we spent the next 20 minutes discussing why anyone would ever want to cut a head off a chicken and it just is a hard thing to explain when you can't fathom it either.  I just tried to go with the whole "We don't hurt the animals so that's good" line of conversation.   He didn't seem satisfied but he let it go.  Normally, he needs some time to process stuff, so I'm sure it'll come back up.  And once again, I'll curse that damned CVS cashier.

Anyway, Gardein!  So life is hectic and I'm exhausted, so we've been eating a lot of Gardein lately.  I hit a good sale at Publix and stocked up for busy periods like this.  So convenient to have in the freezer!  One of our local Publix's also started carrying a bunch of new Gardein stuff so we're enjoying the variety finally available to us.  Yay, Publix!

Currently, our family favorites are Turk'y Cutlets and Meatless Meatballs. But, honestly, we haven't tried anything that we don't love.


East Meets West Veg said...

Thanks for the recommendation! We haven't tried those yet, but we will now. I might be an adult, but I get really bothered hearing about that stuff too. Poor Silas.

Jennifer Taylor said...

That looks great :)