Vegan MoFo Day 3: Preschool Snack Time

Today, is back to school after the long weekend!  Here, have a little peek at Silas' snack for preschool.  He has a short day, so no lunch.  We let him pick out any "healthy snack" he wants.  He picked this all out in the grocery store himself, especially thrilled by a cartoon character on the mini hummus.  I love that that character is on something I'm happy for my kid to eat!  Those pretzels are shaped like little airplanes from the new Disney movie, Planes, super important in Silas Land.

He'll probably only eat half of this at snack time, but I like him having options and I know he'll finish it after school.

He's so proud of his little snack and his independence in choosing it.  I'll post a video of him telling you about it soon <3


Anonymous said...

Airplane shaped pretzels?? How cool is that??

Katie said...

I was also drawn to those little hummus packs - but i'm not going to preschool so I just bought the family sized hummus. And ate it all in three days.

Mandee said...

Good on him for picking such a yummy, and healthy, snack! Now I want hummus & pretzels!

Anonymous said...

My daughter also takes pride in choosing her snacks and helping to pack her lunch. We always pack about one and a half times as much as she needs (she and I both need a lot of variety), and she eats whatever is left when she gets home from school.