Vegan MoFo Day 2: Cookie cupcakes!

One of the things that I learned fast about parenting, is that apparently cupcakes are ALWAYS required.  Every birthday, every party, every everything.  Always with the cupcakes.  (not complaining!  I get to eat the extras!)

I'm not saying that our kids should be eating cupcakes all the time, or that they'll even do more than lick the frosting off anyway, but what I am saying is that if cupcakes are going to be everywhere, they should absolutely be vegan!  Cupcakes are veganism's best ambassador! 

When my oldest son started school, I signed up to bake at every party so he would be able to eat the cupcakes too!  What's worse than missing out on cupcakes?  I can't even.   Then of course, I had to make them amazing to compete with the inevitable store bought cupcakes that mysteriously appear next to homemade cupcakes.  I'm not sure how, but they always do.  I usually pipe frosting on, because kids usually go for the cupcake with the most frosting.  Again, I'm horrifying myself writing this!  But I'm taking about a few times a year at parties, not hey, let's fill our children with sugar every single day.  That's not my style.  (also the consequences of that make me want to puke a little.)  Honestly, my kids eat the vast majority of their junk food in public.  At parties, at the movies, normal social stuff.  I don't agree with making food off limits, but I do agree with true moderation.  Food is incredibly social, and I think that showing people that vegan kids can junk it up makes them so much more normal and takes the pressure off of them somewhat. 

Now, those store bought cupcakes always have one thing going for them.  A TOY.  Kids dig toys.  Plastic angry bird ring?  SOLD.  I like to do things like plastic dinosaurs or animals.  That always goes over well and then encourages creative play afterwards.  (Yes, girls like dinosaurs too.  Don't try that princess crap with me!)  Pick something in theme with the party or holiday, or just anything exciting!  I do recommend trying to find things that are nearly the same or else you'll have 20 little hands trying to touch every cupcakes until they find the "right" one.  Ew.

Now, today we're going to talk about my last trick:  Do something ridiculous!  Seriously, always works.  Anything that you think sounds kind of okay, but also a little insane.  Yes, do that.  Shock and Awe?

 The cupcakes I'm talking about today are from the first day of school.  I always bake something on the first day.  After all that anxiety, I want my kids coming home to the smell of something freshly baked just for them.  Shae looks forward to it, as this is his 10th year of school.  Silas just learned this tradition and is already trying to guess what will be his First Day of Kindergarten Treat.

This year is crazy busy.  I was barely home that first day so I had to move fast.   That means lazy cupcakes, y'all!

I grabbed my handy dandy copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and threw together the Golden Vanilla Cupcakes.  Quick, easy, always delicious!  I threw in a big handful of mini chocolate chips for funsies.

Next comes the true laziness.  I just didn't have time for homemade frosting.  A real bummer because butter cream is my superpower.   But you know, life.  I keep a can of Duncan Hines in the pantry for these type of emergencies.  (a few are vegan but not all!  Watch out for cow's milk!)

Then came the Ridiculousness.   I didn't want boring cupcakes, so I had to think fast.  Good thing for me, the PPK had just alerted me to the fact that Target's storebrand chewy cookies are accidentally vegan.   And let me tell you, this is a dangerous, magical piece of knowledge.  Soft, vegan cookies?  That's actually a thing?  (Also, they are super cheap, priced under $2) 

So I threw one on top of each cupcake!  Why not?  The kids were thrilled.  Silas couldn't even grasp being given a cookie and a cupcake at the same time. 



Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Those look amazing!!! Seriously. And I often do lazy cupcakes. Who has the time anymore? Haha.

kelly g. said...

I love this idea! It's perfect for me, too, since I'm rather terrible at frosting cupcakes, and this will help to hide the evidence. :)

Rachel said...

This is genius! And I love your tradition of having a special treat for your kids. And thanks for the tip about making cupcakes more exciting for kids - I simultaneously laughed out loud and went "EW!" at the image of 20 little hands digging at cupcakes to find the "right" toy. Happy Back to School!