Vegan MoFo Day 8: Gma Cat's Meatballs

One of my favorite Vegan MoFo themes this year is from Amey over at Vegan Eats & Treats.  She's doing a full month of Noshtalgia, foods that remind her of people she loves.  This idea and her posts make me so happy!  It's so heartwarming to hear the connections she has with food to people in her life and how she's veganized them in a way that preserves the memories and traditions, without compromising her veganism.  This is so important for us to do!  We don't have to leave behind all those warm & fuzzy food memories!

In honor of Amey's amazing theme idea, I'm going to do my own Noshtalgia for today! 

My husband's grandmother- appropriately called Grandma Cat by Shae as soon as he could speak- not because her name was Catherine, but because she loved her 2 kitties so much.  He also has a Grandma Dog, you can tell what really matters to him, can't you?  Grandma Cat was Shae & Silas' great-grandmother.  She was the nicest, sweetest lady ever, the type who wanted to play constantly and lived to be called "Grandma".

Anyway, she made these meatballs at every family gathering.  It's funny because people flip for them, but they are insanely simple.  That's a good combo!  She served them at our little wedding reception in 2001 and my family still says "Remember those meatballs Mary made?".    

A few years ago, Matt's mom veganized them for us and the kids loved them. The last time we made them was a few weeks ago for their cousin's first birthday party

The recipe isn't so much a "recipe" or "cooking" as it is throwing a bunch of stuff in a crockpot, so it's kind of awesome when you are busy before a party or a potluck.  

Seriously, just roll the sausage into balls and throw everything in the crockpot until its cooked through or the party starts, whatever.

This is a picture of them uncooked and of course I forgot to get one of them finished, but I'm pretty sure you can use your imagination. 

 Serve them on little buns or with toothpicks!  Kids really dig eating food off toothpicks.  It's the little things!

The best part about making these is that is provides such an easy opportunity to share Grandma Cat stories and keep her memories alive with Shae who misses her like crazy, and to try to make Silas know her even though she passed away before he was born.  I'm sure she'd be thrilled to hear people still talking about her food!


Mandee said...

Mmm, yum! I love the names for Shae's grandmothers, so cute!

Maggie Muggins said...

I love that Amey's theme is inspiring other people to post about nostalgic food. I can't get over how easy those are to make!

Amy Kolasa said...

Oh yum. yes, please!

Amy Kolasa said...

Oh yum. yes, please!

Katie said...

I would like to eat your balls.

Amber Neal said...

these look great! I have been looking for ideas for the holidays ( my relatives are sure I am going to warp the holidays with my "weird" eating habits!lol!). I think these would be great! I love that you are taking a recipe from your family and making it better!