Vegan MoFo Day 18: Pancake Day and Vegan Dramaz

P is for Pancake!  This is P week and today is Pancake Day at preschool.

Recently we had an issue where Silas was given goldfish crackers to use in an activity (and then eat) at school and when he asked if they were vegan, he was told they were.  He even told them his mom said he can't eat them, but was told it's okay, he still could eat them.  Silas' little heart was broken when he came home and told me that "goldfish crackers have different ingredients now!" and I told him they weren't and it must have been a mistake.  Accidents happen, but his feelings were really hurt when he was told they were actually vegan.  Poor little dude cried and asked if the animals were hurting because of him!  We all talked him down and let him know it was just a teeny accident and not his fault, and the animals aren't mad at him at all.  Happens to everyone! 

So sad though.  Talking it through helped a lot and at the end, he said "I'm okay now, Mommy.  I'll just poop them out and not eat them ever again.".  (so, so vegan)

So obviously I spoke to his teacher (again!) and explained veganism VERY CLEARLY and let her know how important it is to us ethically to be cruelty free.  I was told he "had a choice".  I stressed that Silas isn't reading yet, so he is relying on her and the other teachers & aides for accurate information.  He's very used to being able to fully trust all adults in his life and needs to be able to do that at school as well.  I explained that I will arrange and provide any vegan alternatives for him to be able to participate in the future, as I had told her at the beginning of the year.  I also let her know that Shae is 14 and we've never had this happen to him so I know it couldn't be too disruptive to the class dynamic. (ha!)

I walked away feeling a little disappointed by the reaction I got.  I felt a little dismissed.

But it turns out I was really heard!  Yeah, I'm shocked too. In an impressive turn of events, his teacher sent home a note at the beginning of this week letting us know that today is Pancake Day and Friday is Pajama Day where they will be making mini pizzas.  It said to let her know if there are any dietary restrictions & to bring in an alternative if so.  YAY!  Feels good to know that Silas' veganism is being taken seriously finally.  Also, I'm reminded at how little veganism is respected.  We have a whole new school to invade and educate and my little pancakes were going to be the first ambassador!  No pressure ( jk.  ALL THE PRESSURE.)

I used my favorite pancake recipe ever, Isa's Puffy Pillow Pancakes from the PPK Blog.   I think they are also going to be in her upcoming book Isa Does It (which I tested for and IT IS AMAZING.  Preorder asap, my friend.).

I also packed some Earth Balance.

He was proud to take them to school with him in his adorable hand embroidered reusable lunch bag that his Faux Auntie Amanda (my bff) made for him as a New School gift this year.

His teacher let me know that Pancake time went perfectly today with no issues at all!  And Silas was super happy to chow down on his pancakes with his friends.  He reports back that his pancakes were the yummiest looking.  haha.

***FUN FACT!  I used baking soda by accident and actually had to make these pancakes TWICE yesterday.  This kid better know how much I love him!


Julie said...

That's a shame about the goldfish; your son Silas sounds like such a sweet and gentle soul! Glad to hear that everything seems to be looking up now & that pancake day went well!

Helen Bird said...

Aw, lovely little Silas. I love his 'I'll just poop them out' approach - that's so cute. The pancakes you made look absolutely gorgeous - no wonder he was so proud to show them off!

Amy Kolasa said...

He looks so happy with with his bag o' pancakes! Way to go!

Big Momma said...

Raygold is really sensitive about being vegan, too.

Those pancakes look delicious. :D

I'm really glad his teacher listened to what you had to say, too. I feel like we would have a really tough time with veganism in school (not in the UK, but out here in the country) if we weren't homeschooling.

Imogen Michel said...

Glad your outreach with your child's school seems to be improving :) Those pancakes look great.