Vegan MoFo Day 16: High School Lunch

I try not to blog about Shae too much anymore because we all know I've humiliated him enough online already, but guess what, today we are peeking at his lunch.  He's in high school now and his food is all about total convenience.  It's easiest to eat a sandwich (Tofurkey, Tofutti American Cheese Slice, Vegenaise).  A big bag of grapes and apple slices that he always eats, and then today was Chex Mix (didn't eat, "was full") and a Builder's Bar for afterschool between soccer practice, if he needed it.  (he didn't!). 

I don't love all the trash and usually we use containers and reusable sandwich baggies , but high school is hard enough (even though he says he LOVES it), so I'm okay with doing what makes it easier for him.

Can't even tell this lunch is vegan, right?  Sometimes you just want to eat your food and not answer a million questions! 

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Big Momma said...

I love peeking at kids' lunches!!