Vegan MoFo Day 20: English Muffin Pizzas

Silas had a Pizza & Pajama Day at preschool to celebrate P week.  They made little english muffin pizzas and had a "slumber party", which as far as I can tell meant a regular 3 hour day except in pajamas.  It was pretty cute, a sea of caped super heroes really. 

His teacher had let me know at the beginning of the week so I sent in a lunchbag with a vegan english muffin, pizza sauce, Daiya Cheese and Tofurky Pepperoni for him.  He said it was delicious and his teacher said it went well, so yay!  Hopefully the rest of the year can be as easy foodwise.

Of course he had to make more of them at home after school to show us his new chef skills.  Also, Shae was not going to miss out on anything Tofurky related if he had anything to say about it.

The directions, according to Chef Silas:

1. "Spread the pizza sauce with a spoon allllll around.  No licking the spoon because of microbes, gross." (Thanks, Magic School Bus!)

2. "Make them cheeeeeezeeyyyy.  You can eat this by itself as an ingredient!  It is yummy!  But not a lot or your pizzas will be sad."

3.  "LOTS of cheese is better than a little cheese."

4.  "One pepperoni on each pizza because these guys are giants.  I put 5 on my pizza at school though, don't tell my brother Shae or he will eat them all like a skyscraper pizza!"

5.  "TA DA!  Oh and a grown up does the oven part.  My school has a KITCHEN.  Isn't that amazing?"

6.  "Time to eat!  Make sure they aren't too hot.  That would be a bummer."

7.  "YUM!"

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Veg-In-Training said...

How incredibly adorable! I love seeing kids get excited about cooking!