After the first day of Shae's soccer tournaments, we got roped into a team meal at a local buffet. Which meant he got to goof off with his friends for awhile, but we had only salad and french fries to eat. Sigh. We're used to this back at home, but it was pretty much torture in a city that contains two actual vegan restaurants!

We sat at the restaurant eating our lettuce and watching the kids dare each other to eat gross stuff, then we headed straight over to End of the Line Cafe for our real food.

We've been here once before and loved it. The vegan cheese they make in-house is phenomenal. I'm in love with their fried tofu fish sticks, which they were out of this time unfortunately. Shae and I had fish sandwiches instead, then shared Silas' mini pizza since he fell asleep. You snooze, you lose buddy! Matt had the bacon cheese melt. The food was delish! But the best part was getting to order anything off the menu. Shae bugged out when I ordered his hot chocolate without specifying soy milk and wouldn't drink it until he questioned the guy and was assured there were no animal products in the building. People who can do this everyday are just too lucky. All vegan restaurants are just a magical luxury.


Monked & Fifed said...

Wow...and wow. You are an inspiration. We gave up our vegan ways, thinking it was better? Ironically, our kids have almost always chosen wahtever vegan option of food there might be/ I might be cooking.

I love the commitment though. I have a 7 year old...and 2 smaller littles. I have been to many a bday party where I have brought additional delicious vegan snacks. I'll tell you, a person has no idea what beign vegan is like until they are raising a family. All bets are off.
You rock. Brava!

amy said...


DUDE. you're 11!! My younger brother is 13, I'm going to show him your blog. This is amazing! Keep eating those veggies!

-Amy :)