water, water, water.

Hey it's me Shae. I just wanted to tell everyone about my awesome sauce garden. When my grandma moved away she left me in charge of the garden. And guess what I'm freakin BEAST at gardening! Every day I water the the plants, but the scorching hot sun drys the water right up. The first couple of times I wasn't watering the plants enough and they started to shrivel up. I was scared they were gong to die. But my dad showed me the right way to water them. I would have to water each plant for at least 30 seconds and make it rain on the leaves and branches. All the plants are doing wonderful now! Woo hoo!!!

shae's garden

The green lushessness!!!!!!!!

Spiders like hot peppers?

Here is our little visitor hiding on our mystery hot peppers. When my grandma bought this plant the salesmen never told her exactly what it was all he said is "It's hot". And it surly is. I tried it because I did not think it would be that bad, but was I wrong! Before I knew it my mouth was burning and numb! That night my dad tried the pepper and said it was hotter than death!! And he loves spicy stuff.

bell pepper as big as it's pot.

It's going to be bigger than its pot!!!

chest high tomato plants

It's up to my chest!!! Yay!!!!

almost ripe!

Almost ripe!!!

So we're looking at these plants I guess.

Just a plant...




My little bro loves him some leaves!!


dirtyduck said...

looks great and sounds like fun.

Kathleen said...

You guys are such an inspiration. Being vegan is the way of the future.