On this first day of Vegan MoFo 2010, let's not mess around. It's not the Vegan Kid way to beat around the bush. Let's just get straight to business: Candy. It's what's on all of our minds anyway, right? In our house, candy is a once-in-a-while magical treat. Not something we see that often. So obviously, Halloween is a huge deal around here. FREE! CANDY! Ahhhhhhhh!

We hit up two local festivals this year, with a Jabberwockeez dancer and a tiny cow in tow.

Shae smartly used Silas' cuteness to his advantage and scored double the candy. Although when his big brother wasn't helping, Silas would give people back their candy and grin at them. Shae would not approve.

I think the official ratio of vegan to non vegan was about 70/30. Not bad odds. And I was thrilled to see that outcast 30% sent off to live with Grandma & Paw Paw. Shae wants it pointed out that all 4 full-sized candies they received were vegan, and that's a huge success.

The winner of the night was definitely Twizzlers. I think that's all Shae even ate. (I won't mention how many I stole from him) He even slipped one to Silas and let's just say he was a fan. His first taste of sweet, sweet candy.


kittee said...

i got to pass out candy this year, for the first time ever. it was fun, but i was nervous. i bought dum dums, double bubble and those fake but yummy butterscotch hard candies.


kelly (vegan kid's mom!) said...

kittee! um dums are always a winner. shae likes to hunt for the root beer flavored ones.

Anonymous said...

Being a b-girl myself, i LOVE the Jabberwockee!!