VeganMoFo: Vegan Kid makes pancakes!

Shae wanted to make breakfast this morning, he was determined. He's never made breakfast himself before, but since I was craving pancakes I went along with it. He asked for the "Isa Book" right away for the recipe- Vegan With a Vengeance. Our favorite pancakes. This recipe is so easy and no-fail that I even have a few omnivorous friends who use it now. Yay, vegan pancakes!

Shae measured & poured everything himself.

Measuring is serious business, dontcha know.

And as usual, using the mixer is the funnest thing possible. I wish I enjoyed things like this as much as he does!

I forgot to get a picture of him flipping his own pancakes! I suck, I know. But he was really proud of himself. He doesn't do much at the stovetop usually because mommy is paranoid of him burning his cute little hands off.

Here's a pic of him showing off his First Ever Pancake! Yay, Shae!

And closer up...

He made a bunch more too, including cute teeny tiny ones. All the while, talking about how he's going to be a "part-time" chef one day.


Dynah said...

Wow! Those look nicer than my pancakes, and I've been trying for years! Way to go Shae! Also, very cool hat :)

Lisa said...

Kelly and Shae, I'm so glad you're blogging again regularly! I found your blog awhile ago, and though I've never commented before, I love it. (I think the note-under-the-door post sealed it for me!) Shae, your pancakes look awesome, I'll have to try that recipe sometime. Enjoy your vegan month of food, and I can't see what else you create this month!

erin32mc said...

way to go shae!!!

B.A.D. said...

That is amazing! Tell Shae that even after 10 years of making pancakes, I still look wonky. His are perfect!