VeganMoFo: Dinner in a hurry!

Tonight was Shae's soccer practice night. We don't get home until 7:30-8ish and his normal bedtime is 8pm. After running around for 2 hours at practice, he's starving so we have to fit dinner & his shower in as fast as we can after practice. Usually what that means is doing the short order cook thing. We usually each pick something fast & easy and Matt & I both make it while Shae showers. Tonight, I was exhausted (oh, and yeah, due to have a baby who apparently is super comfy in my belly!) so Matt did all the cooking.

Shae wanted his usual soccer night quesadilla. Black beans, corn & tofutti soy cheese slices. Sometimes we add some leftover rice or different veggies, just depends on what's on hand at the time.

And of course Shae has to do the fun part himself, cutting it up with a pizza cutter.

I am currently obsessed with what we call "Pizza Sandwiches". We use our Cuisinart Sandwich Grill for these. Bread is the crust, and my fillings of choice are simple: spaghetti sauce, tofutti soy cheese slices & seasonings. This is something I serve to Shae's friends when they are over- all kids who live in the land of Mcdonalds and Burger King, yet they always love these and never question the type of cheese.

And Matt went with the old standbys: Boca Burgers. Yeah, we love the convenience of these babies. Lots of vegans trash processed pre-made vegan stuff like these, but not us. Just don't cook them in the microwave. Gross.

And that's how a lazy vegan family has dinner ready in under 15 minutes!


kittee said...


i would hell yea, dig into one of those pizza sandwiches too!


pixiepine said...

We have a scaled down version of pizza sammiches at my house called pizza toast. The kids love it!

erin32mc said...

oh yeah kelly!!! shae's quesadilla looks so tasty. and those pizza sandwiches. yum!

Megan said...

I want a sandwich maker to make one of those amazing sandwiches right this minute!

And I second the idea of never cooking Boca burgers in the microwave. Mushy, wet, grossness!

Oh, and I will never diss frozen or processed vegan food. I like dinner to be easy sometimes too! And a box of 16 BIG Boca burgers is only $9 at Costco/Sams Club! So how could you go wrong? :)

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