VeganMoFo: Shae's favorite place to eat out

Shae wanted today's VeganMoFo to be about his favorite place to eat out, this kind of changes but at the moment it's China Wok, the most veg-friendly chinese place in the area. We've been going there since Shae was 3 (he's 9 1/2 now!), everyone is wonderful about telling us ingredients and altering dishes to make them vegan, plus they even have a tofu dish on the daily specials! Pure shock and awe for this little town. They have our usuals memorized even if we haven't been there in months and there are adorable little kids (children of the employees) always sitting and playing at one of the tables. We forgot the camera at home, so we'll have to make due with camera phone pics this time.

Here's Shae enjoying his rice. He's been eating with chopsticks since he was 3, even taught his grandparents how to use them at some point! I remember in kindergarten, he'd bring leftover chinese food in his lunchbox and kids were amazed by his chopsticks. A few of his friends still mention this, 4 years later.

And here is a plate of spring rolls (the best! ahhh YUM!), some sesame tofu and shae's soy sauce soaked rice. Check out Shae's crazy finger.


Paula said...

That looks like a great Chinese place! Those spring rolls look awesome and shae's finger does look crazy!

VeganView said...

What a great post! Shae is so intelligent and amazing for understanding at such a young age the importance and FUN of veganism. Keep up the good eating!