I made the best Lemon-Limeade the other day! I did almost by myself. Mom just cut them and watched me at the stove."

"First we put 2 cups of sugar into a quart of water in a pot on the stove and turned it into a syrup. Then I squeezed the juice from 1 1/2 lemons & 3 limes. I strained out the seeds, but left the pulp because it's good. Dad poured the hot water into the pitcher for me, and I poured the juices in and stirred it up. Then I added more cold water to fill it up and stirred some more. Then I asked mom to cut up the other half of the extra lemon and 1 lime. I put those in the lemon-limeade so it looks very fancy. It was a very fun treat to make!"



Shae's not even in any of these pictures, but this is our buddy Layton and he's adorable, so that's reason enough to post them. These are from Layton's first birthday party. Shae was swimming somewhere in the background the entire time.

Yellow Rose Testers, yay joanna!

Maple Ginger Tempeh Strips on a TLT. We all devoured this one. Delicious!

Chick salad, huge hit here.

and closer up.

Lemon Mint Pasta with Zucchini and Petit Pois. Must make this again soon. YUM!

Joanna's next book will be just as great as Yellow Rose Recipes! <3

Shae & his "cous"

These are pictures of me and my cousin, Hailey. She's 5, the one with the cake is from her birthday party. And the one with her sleeping on my dad is after her birthday party. She's my favorite.

Birthday Cake and Chocolate Bunny

This is my dad's birthday cake, he's so lucky to get that!!! It was vanilla cake with oreos crushed up inside it and oreos on the top inside of the buttercream frosting. My mom, the best mom in the world made it!
(I swear he said actually that. haha)

Thank the easter bunny! He gave me this whole chocolate bunny! We never see these that I can eat anywhere, it was delicious!

random stuff

St Patricks Day. Living in the spirit! It freaked out my cousin Hailey, but I liked it.

Field day at school, me & my buddy Austin were in the sack race together, but no one won because the race was just for fun.

We found this cool lizard guy in the front yard eating a bee. It was so weird watching him devour that bee! That bee must've been sick for him to be able to catch it, they are normally so fast.

I got good grades all year in school so my parents surprised me and bought me the Wii Fit. It is soooo fun. My grades were all A's, all year long. And I got the highest scores on both of my FCAT's and I won the best kid on the bus award for not getting in trouble.

I was playing survivorman in the yard. That's a tshirt on my head.

I dug a huge hole in the yard and constantly filled it up with water and then played in the mud! The funnest!

Rocking out on my guitar


Baseball season!

Baseball season is over! This is my trophy. My team was a first place team and I'm an all star!"

This is my team, we're called the Gators. I am not a Florida Gators football fan. I like the seminoles, but I didn't get to chose my teams name.

This is me on first base, ready to steal second. Stealing bases is my favorite part. I'm really fast."

This is me pitching for the first time ever. It was so fun!

Finally! Shae's 9th Birthday Party Post.

"Mom's first 9 year old hug! I'm almost as tall as mom now!"

"Delicious! Chocolate 2 layer cake with peanut buttercream frosting! everybody loved it! it was the best!"
(cake recipe from La Dolce Vegan, and frosting from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World)

"Happy Birthday to me!"

"Night time lightstick tag! One of the funnest game ever invented!"

"Ahhhhh they're getting me! Haha! Silly string fight. We all got covered in that stuff! So much fun, the funnest!"

"Me and all of my buddies, after we did races and contests!"

"I love babies!"

"Me and my buddy Cole! He's so funny, he makes me smile every time I see him!"

We Heart Kittee!

Kittee's pure magic, she really is. We made these Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Squares from her zine, Papa Tofu, but you can follow that link to the recipe on her website too.

We used Envirokids Panda Puffs cereal and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter. Shae took these babies to school for Valentines day and they were a huge hit! Shae was also thrilled to have a few leftover at the end of the day.

Kitty shelf!

So first of all, be prepared for a huge backlash of photos and events past. I've finally uploaded my camera cards! The pictures go back to January or so. We're just randomly choosing ones we liked to share here. Shae's going to do some narrating.

"These are my cats, Karma and Topazy. They are never near each other until the kitty shelf came along. The kitty shelf is actually a part of our new coffee table, but the kitties like to sleep there."

Topazy is the brown flat-faced cat, she's a total sweetheart, just lays around in random hiding places all day. She so quiet, can't even meow. The most noise she makes is this little squeaky sneeze sound if she wants something really bad. We adopted her from a cat rescue about 3 years ago. Karma is the silver kitty, we've had her since she was a kitten, since shae was a little over a year old. She's got a crazy personality, sweet as anything one second and then trying to murder you the next. She's shae's baby, he can get away with anything with her and she'll just play bite him and then cuddle him. We, however would bleed if we did half the things shae does, like pet her stomach, lay our head on her, etc. Karma makes up for Topazy's quietness, by being insanely vocal. She doesn't just meow, she screams. All the time. Just for fun. She pretty much owns us.

Here's Shae cuddling up with Ms Karma Lynn.


Yeah, so I didn't actually update when I said I would. Give me a break, I've been busy growing this little guy! Yep, "little guy". Shae's going to have a little brother!

Have tons of pictures and random things to post, so we'll continue to work on getting this updated.