Kitty shelf!

So first of all, be prepared for a huge backlash of photos and events past. I've finally uploaded my camera cards! The pictures go back to January or so. We're just randomly choosing ones we liked to share here. Shae's going to do some narrating.

"These are my cats, Karma and Topazy. They are never near each other until the kitty shelf came along. The kitty shelf is actually a part of our new coffee table, but the kitties like to sleep there."

Topazy is the brown flat-faced cat, she's a total sweetheart, just lays around in random hiding places all day. She so quiet, can't even meow. The most noise she makes is this little squeaky sneeze sound if she wants something really bad. We adopted her from a cat rescue about 3 years ago. Karma is the silver kitty, we've had her since she was a kitten, since shae was a little over a year old. She's got a crazy personality, sweet as anything one second and then trying to murder you the next. She's shae's baby, he can get away with anything with her and she'll just play bite him and then cuddle him. We, however would bleed if we did half the things shae does, like pet her stomach, lay our head on her, etc. Karma makes up for Topazy's quietness, by being insanely vocal. She doesn't just meow, she screams. All the time. Just for fun. She pretty much owns us.

Here's Shae cuddling up with Ms Karma Lynn.

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