random stuff

St Patricks Day. Living in the spirit! It freaked out my cousin Hailey, but I liked it.

Field day at school, me & my buddy Austin were in the sack race together, but no one won because the race was just for fun.

We found this cool lizard guy in the front yard eating a bee. It was so weird watching him devour that bee! That bee must've been sick for him to be able to catch it, they are normally so fast.

I got good grades all year in school so my parents surprised me and bought me the Wii Fit. It is soooo fun. My grades were all A's, all year long. And I got the highest scores on both of my FCAT's and I won the best kid on the bus award for not getting in trouble.

I was playing survivorman in the yard. That's a tshirt on my head.

I dug a huge hole in the yard and constantly filled it up with water and then played in the mud! The funnest!

Rocking out on my guitar

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