We really, really, really love Veganomicon. Omg. This is Herb scalloped potatoes, roasted portobellos, and roasted green beans. All 3 of us really loved this dinner. We've made these potatoes a few times already, they are unbelievably good and so easy! I love easy! Shae's a huge mushroom fan, so he was insanely happy about the portobellos, I like this marinade a lot better than others I've used. I added some oregano, basil & thyme. I have no idea why it didn't occur to me earlier to roast green beans, but let me just say Yuuuuuuummm! So much better. Screw steaming.


vorilee said...

I cannot wait to get my hands on Veganomicon and start cooking from it!!


trupti said...

what a cute blog!

cheers from Newfoundland,

Anonymous said...

Are you still writing on this blog? I really miss it.

Heidi said...

how do u make this amazing potatoes? please share!!