Shae <3's Cozy Inside

Ever heard of an 8 year old boy obsessed with food? I use the word obsessed because Shae's very all or nothing. When he gets excited about something, he gets really, really full-force into it.

Today he came home from school and spotted Joni's book- Cozy Inside open on the counter (to the fluffy omelets) and started oohhhhinng and aaahhhhing over everything. Screaming "mom! come look at this! we have to make this!". Getting more and more excited with each page and picture. He was downright giddy. He's begged for corn fritters, easy cheesy sauce, breakfast burritos, potato cheese soup and curried cashew chicken salad.

And get this! He saw garlic in one of the ingredient lists and he said "That's okay. I'll still eat it!". Yeah. He agreed to knowingly ingest garlic.

Something strange is going on here.


jab said...

Never underestimate the power of big, glossy photographs. He's going to love Joanna's book.

jonimarie said...

if the one thing i do in life is to make an 8 year old vegan kid smile, than my whole life has been worth it :)

this post really made my day!

kelly said...

And you just made his day with that comment. He just said "He AUTHOR saw my blog? The reaaall author?" haha

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