So Close!

Shae turns 9 tomorrow! Last night we worked on his birthday treat for his class, he didn't want the typical cupcakes this time and instead requested oreo pops. This is one of our favorite quick treats and everyone flips for them! Just a lolipop stick inside an oreo (or healthier faux oreo if you can find them, we were not so lucky this time), dip them in melted chocolate (we think ours with a bit of soymilk), and then drop the sprinkles on top and chill.

This morning, as I was about to furiously start wrapping them up, we found out that schools are closed today due the flooding in our area, so these babies fill have to wait till monday to hit the classroom. Shae seemed to think I was going to allow him to eat all 20 of them himself, instead. Good luck there buddy!

Tomorrow is the big sleepover birthday party, and the day this blog does it's annual name change... look for "Adventures in the life of a 9 year old Vegan" soon!


Eve Love said...

Happy birthday Shae from canada!! have a great sleepover party!

Sam said...

Those are so cute! Happy birthday Shae!

Webly said...

That's a fantastically simple treat! Thanks for the idea.

Abbie Rae Harris said...

Omigoodness, I am so making those for the next brunch. Happy Birthday Shae!

Kittee said...

What a fun idea! I am loving on this. Tell Shae I would have let him eat as many as he wanted, as long as I got one every time he did...That would work out to about eleven each, not bad.


mvegan said...

I just said Wow! out loud... yummy!
Michele ;0)

Kumudha said...

Happy birthday!

Delicious treat!

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Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

This is adorable! I bet he was the star of his class.