pup luv

silliness with his doggy...

Good old Peanut Butter.

Again, I'm posting old pictures! I don't even remember how long ago, but it was on the camera, so here ya go. Shae helped his little cousin Hailey make peanut butter pinwheels. Who knew something so easy would be so fun & entertaining?

The gooey finished product.

And then somehow they appeared, wearing silly hats and socks on their hands. Military style crawling across the house. Something about aliens, I think? Lots of giggling.

hot shot?

This just in! Healthy Vegan Kids exist!

Well of course they do! We know that. Why wouldn't they? Death by vegetable isn't something you expect to hear, after all. Vegetables are healthy right? It's well documented that vegetable-based diets are perfectly healthy.

Nice to see the media actually being positive towards veganism though!
Oklahoma City family finding vegan lifestyle benefits in many ways